Tuesday, June 3, 2008


• Have you given enough, opened up enough, cared enough?

I think that I have opened up tremendously to this specific topic. Because I have lived in a shelter before I know how it feels to be in need. Therefore I have put my heart into this project and I have given my all!

• What would you change about this situation if you were in charge?

If I were in charge of this situation, I would take in mind everyone’s opinion and what they have to bring to the table. I would have more ice cream sales and I would have more ways to make money other than sales.

• What are three big issues that create problems that our service is trying to address?
I think that there are not three big issues but one big issue! The big issue that our service is trying to address is the weak funding that is being sponsored to hospitals, for the things that the patient and the families need! As contribution we are going to donate toys to the CHOP so that some kids could at least have a chance to play, and enjoy their time in the hospital.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


On Thursday May 15th we just had a brief meeting on what we were responsible to bring on Wednesday May 21st for our ice cream sale! We had no research to do, and our only homework was to bring in what we were assigned to bring in. I am responsible to bring in paper cups, along with Cheng Xian Zheng.This week I had no moments of frustration, indecision, doubt, or realization that have happened during your meeting, but what we did have is success. I think that our ice cream sale will be a success and a hit through out our school. If enough kids bring in $1 or a brand new/lightly used book for children they can get free ice cream! This is a very tempting offer & I think that it is our best idea yet! Other than this there were no moments of success, because we were assigned to find something else to do for the kids!

Through service learning I have learned the following about the issue of Community Giving:we are helping to make people's lives better! We are helping not just the kids, but the families, and the friends of the kids! I think that I am appreciating this a whole lot more than before.

I have had no values nor stereotypes towards giving back to the community, and I do not now. Therefore, my opinion about my community service experience has not changed! Through service learning I can honestly say that I learned nothing about myself, but more about the nature of mankind! I can see how selfish a lot of other kids are more now, but my opinion nor anything else has changed about my topic. I feel the same about it as I did in the beginning, and I have the same ambition to help others too!


Monday, May 09, 2008

 a. What have I learned about our group's topic? I have learned a lot about our groups topic this meeting! Before we started, I thought that we would just be having a book drive. Now I know that it's a lot much more than that! We are helping not just the kids, but the families, and the friends of the kids! I think that I am appreciating this a whole lot more than before. I honestly can honestly say that I learned nothing about myself, but I learned more about the nature of mankind! If I were in charge of this group I would:
-have different ways to make money.
-make the nonactive kids do more work.
-take in mind that my opinion is not the only opinion in the group!

My plan for Thursday's meeting is to just gain light, and progress into what we are going to do to put the next step forward in our project! Something that I found in other groups is that they are going through some of the same problem we are going through, though their group is bigger. Everyone's voice is not being heard properly & the teachers do not control the environment, so there is a lot of commotion, screaming, and yelling. I also found that the teachers in charge of many groups are not being involved. The teachers in my opinion should do more observing, to make sure the kids do their jobs with a slight discipline hand, rather than dictate their jobs. The third thing that I found about other groups is that they are much larger groups. Not a lot of children are in our group, but we still go through the same problems!

These are some of the websites that we have already used to aid our way in this project!

Service Learning- Monday, May 5 iMovie

1. REFLECT on Thursday May 1 meeting in DETAIL.
USE iMovie to record yourself talking about service learning so far.
What was successful? What challenges or problems did you encounter? What have you learned so far?
What needs to be worked on for the coming weeks? What should be changed for next year?

EXPORT the movie for web (Quicktime)

IMPORT to your blog.

2. PLAN for Friday MAY 9 meeting.
Post any information, research, ideas, plans that you are working on.
EMAIL your group members, staff mentor, AND me with any ideas and information that you find.

3. Extra Credit/Make-up Assignment. If you are missing work:

Go to http://people.howstuffworks.com/superdelegate.htm
1. What are superdelegates?
2. What are the Pros of Superdelegates?
3.What are the Cons of Superdelegates?